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Westford, Massachusetts
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Friends of Westford Academy Ice Hockey Charter:

"FWAIH is a non-profit organization of parents, community members, and businesses working together to help improve the ice hockey programs sponsored by the Westford school system. "

Friends of Westford Hockey
PO Box 544
Westford, Ma
Friends of Westford Academy Hockey Board members:
Steve Kapetanakis - President (skapeta@gmail.com)
Stacey Donovan - Vice President (
Jannelle Cioffi - Treasurer - ( )
Cathy Mucci - Secretary - ( )
Karen Bauer - Girl's Team Rep - ( )
Steve Kapetanakis - Boy's Team Rep (skapeta@gmail.com)
Contacts for the major FWAIH fundraisers:
Wreath Sale  - Stacey Donovan ( )   
Advertisements for Team Programs - Angela Mulhern (anmulhern@gmail.com)