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                                                                 Westford Academy Hockey Alumni Association
                                                                                            PO Box 685
                                                                                          Westford, MA


The Westford Academy Hockey Alumni Association's mission is to help bridge the rich tradition of Westford Acadmey Hockey from it's inception in 1982 though today's current players.

Alumni Board Members:

Gary Lavelle - 978-273-0642                  Kevin Kouble - 978-866-6436

Chris Carpenter - 978-235-5620           Coach Bill Cody - 978-256-6230 or 978-807-9307

Rich Chenell - 617-794-8547                  Bob Carpenter

Dave Doucette - 978-761-2343



The 7th Annual Westford Academy Hockey Alumni Association Golf Tournament will be held on Friday, June 19, 2015 and will again be at the Butter Brook Golf Club.

More information will be posted as the tournament planning committee continues to meet over the next several months, so check the website often for any updates, as well as for updates on the WA hockey programs.

Thank you to all our golf tournament sponsors!! Click on the Sponsors' tab in the left column of this page for a complete list of sponsors.